Tim Bui

Tim Bui is the CEO & Co-Founder of Monument LLC

Tim Bui - Co-Founder and CEO of Monument

In 1995 Tim began his journey in athletics learning Karate. As he progressed through different styles he would win tournaments and awards in northern style Gung Fu, Wrestling, Kickboxing, and many others. Initially attracted to martial arts by learning the ability to express emotionally what he was not able through words.  His connection to martial arts drove him to continue the passion for teaching and training for 20+ years.

With his mind set on becoming an entrepreneur as a practical way to help himself and the most important people around him. He knew he would need to acquire the skills to first become a valuable employee. After looking at potential job prospects he aimed to study commercial real estate investing as a way to invest in his future. Shortly after, he began working for a commercial real estate investment firm to understand finance in the way of the modern entrepreneur. Intuitively he understood the skill and knowledge would be intimately connected to his future success. Working endless 100+ hour weeks he became adept in construction management, project management, property management, portfolio management, real estate finance, cash flow analysis, leasing, and business administration. Time spent was dedicated with the intention to shadow his seniors and immerse himself in their values, mindset, and work ethics in order to model their success. This career experience led to his second love, sales.

Sacrificing all hopes of adolescent leisure, he committed to a minimum 60 hour per week job opportunity in Orange County, California. Raised in Northern California, making the move was no light commitment, he left all family, friends, and networks he had built for the promise of a solid six-figure income. Against all odds (and bets), he struggled to hit the first commission tier check in a sales environment that had a 75% turnover rate during the first month. Shocked by struggles, the moment served as a huge dose of reality from the Kool-Aid he was sipping back home. After taking a gut shot in pride, he committed to becoming the best salesperson in the company. Resolving to save a portion of his income to create a business in pursuit of financial freedom and a lifestyle that didn’t require him to sit at a desk for over 60 hours a week. His commitment and resolve ultimately led him to become a highly effective salesperson in a cut-throat sales environment and finally leave to pursue the life he envisioned.

Throughout Tim's career sitting long hours without movement became a norm and a recipe for physical disease. Suffering from a string of hip, hamstring and back injuries during strength training as a direct result of sitting long hours. He promised himself the next career choice would be a model one for those wanting a life of vitality, fitness, and passion. Tim is committed to creating the tools necessary for those looking to build a lifestyle around their own health, vitality, and fitness.

Today he is a serial entrepreneur having started and sold multiple businesses, advising startups and firms. Aside from being the CEO and Cofounder at Monument Co., Tim is a student and lover of life, he currently trains a knife fighting in Hollywood, is an avid yogi, recreational rock climber, martial arts choreographer, and teacher of an esoteric martial arts.


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