Chidi Okwuosa

Chidi Okwuosa is the President & Co-Founder of Monument LLC

Chidi Okwuosa - Co-Founder and President of Monument

Chidi has been influential in heading the development of Monument’s initial products, the Collapsible Water Bottle as well as the Phenom vibrating foam roller. Mr. Okwuosa’s passions have always been to maximize human and mechanical potential; since adolescents Mr. Okwuosa found pleasure in figuring out how things work. At the age of 7, he received a remote control car as a christmas gift, and began to take it apart within hours of playing with it. His curiosity was to not only figure out how it works, but how it can be made better. There are numerous examples in which Mr. Okwuosa showed this passion for learning how things work and striving to improve them; some of these examples include but are not limited to: Engine Performance modifications for racing cars, IT support, IT consulting and Engineering within his previous professional roles and most of all his passion for personal constant physical and mental improvement. Mr. Okwuosa demonstrates these passion via various hobbies which aim to push the physical and mental boundaries. These hobbies include extreme mountain biking in which each ride is a push to create a new personal record, intense heated yoga, in which every cell of the body is yearning to leave the room, but allowing the mind to work through the discomfort rather then having the discomfort change the commitment to stay in the room. Mr. Okwuosa always strives to be his best and though this passion of excellence he has created a burning desired within himself to help you be your best too; and this is why he Co-Founded Monument, to put this passion to work, and create innovative ways for you to reach your excellence as well, while avoiding the struggles, pitfalls, and learnings usually necessary to get there. 

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